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Why Is Matcha Green Tea So Calming?

When you think about it on the surface, you would assume that you would be incredibly hyper after drinking matcha green tea. It is said to have around three times more caffeine compared to a typical brewed up of tea. And that is when you compare it to teas like black tea, which already have a lot of caffeine! It is certainly much more caffeine than typical green tea. But why do most people talk about feeling calm after drinking matcha?

How Matcha is Prepared

The first thing that we have to understand about matcha is how it is prepared. Matcha green tea is made using similar leaves to other green teas. But then it takes a different turn, in terms of the preparation process.

With matcha, the process involves taking the plant and putting it in shade for around three weeks before it is harvested. The idea is that you are getting different nutrients to emerge, while it will have a sweeter taste. Then it is picked, steamed and air dried so the leaves are completely dry.

After the leaves are dried, it is crushed into a powder. And that is how you have matcha green tea powder that you can buy from anywhere! The unique aspect to matcha is that you are actually dissolving the entire leaf in water and then drinking it. The process is not the same as other tea.

With regular tea, you are just dunking the leaves in hot water for a while. Yes, the leaves impart their flavor and aroma and chemicals into the water. But with matcha, it is all amplified. And it is the reason why you are getting more antioxidants and other positive chemicals in your body through matcha.

But why the calm feeling?

Matcha, Caffeine and L-Theanine

There are two chemicals that we must talk about when we discuss the calming impact of matcha green tea. Caffeine and l-theanine are both found in this tea, which is what makes it unique from coffee and other beverages that have caffeine.

We already know that caffeine is something that wakes you up and keeps you alert. It is why most people are not going to sleep within a couple hours of having some coffee or black tea. They will be wide awake!

And caffeine typically makes you nervous, intense and jittery if you have too much. It is what most people feel when they have way too much espresso or a very strong cold brew coffee.

But the l-theanine that is present in matcha ensures that you are not getting the same feeling. L-theanine is known for promoting a calm and relaxing feeling. On its own, you may even say that it is something that you would take if you are about to go to bed.

But when you combine the two together, you are getting the best of both worlds. You are still getting the sharpness and alertness that you get from caffeine, but you are also getting the calmness of l-theanine.

It is the reason why most of the people who have matcha will tell you they felt calm and relaxed. It is why matcha is even used for meditation in many parts of Asia. You get some type of focus because of the caffeine, but you are in a very calm state. It is perfect for someone who wants all the benefits of caffeine, but does not want to feel the bad side effects.

Aside from the calmness that it produces, is also very good for the body. The antioxidants, catechins and other chemicals ensure that you are boosting your ability to fight infections and diseases, while having more energy throughout the day.

Do I Need Car Insurance In Thailand?

Called the Land of Smiles, Thailand is known for its great beaches, tourist destinations and a robust economy. People who are moving to Thailand or entering the workforce may be wondering how they are able to deal with the process of owning a car. Thailand is one of those places where you have to get some form of car insurance if you want to legally drive on the road.

Protecting Your Vehicle

If you were to ask anyone who has driven on Thai roads for more than an hour whether you should get insurance, they would say yes! People who drive in Western countries like the United States or England complain about the roads in those countries. But it is nothing compared to the madness that you can expect on Thai roads.

Taxi drivers will change lanes out of nowhere, you will have massive piles of cars in rush hour, and you will have some very deadly thruways that you must get through when you are driving around big cities. It is not as if you are in for a deadly experience, but getting a few dings in your car every year is par for the course.

Compulsory Insurance

Before you even deal with any car insurance companies in Thailand, you should know that you must have some type of compulsory insurance. The specific nature of this policy will depend on the area where you live. But you can go to car insurance companies, brokers or the Department of Land Transport to get the compulsory policy.

The issue for many drivers is that you are getting very little coverage through that policy. While it gives you coverage for liability and some injury protection for people in your car, it is not enough to protect your vehicle. You will have to get a private policy from one of the best car insurance companies in Thailand to make that happen.

Private Insurance

Much like the West, there are private insurance companies in Thailand where you are able to purchase insurance. The amount that you are paying depends on many factors. You will be judged on your riding history, age, gender, car and other factors. This will determine the bracket that you are put into by the company when they are handing out rates and quotes.

In terms of the options for private insurance, you can look at the main policies and you will find something that is appealing. There is insurance ranging from Type 1 to 2 to 2+ to 3 to 3+.

It is interesting that when you are buying insurance in Thailand, the type 1 policy is the one that is the best. It is the one that costs the most money and gives you the most coverage. As you go down to 2+, 2, 3+ and 3, you are going downward in terms of how much coverage is available.

How Often Do You Drive?

When you are getting insurance from a top car insurance company in Thailand, you should think about how much protection you need. Say you are going to and from work each day in your car and the route is at least 20 to 30 minutes. Then you are stopping at grocery stores and other spots. You are driving a lot – which means that you should have good protection. If you can afford it – get the type 1 insurance.

But if you live very close to your work and you work from home some days, you may be able to get away with a lesser policy. You do not drive as much. So long as you avoid the rush hours and busiest roads, then you will have a much lower chance of getting into an accident during the year.

One good thing about Thai insurance is that everything is covered in the best policies. Liability coverage is very comprehensive, while you are protected from collision damage, medical expenses, theft, floods, fires, natural disasters, and other incidents.

Get Relaxed With New Organic Bath Bombs from The Soap Guy

There are times when all you need is a weekend where you are keeping to yourself and recharging your batteries. Sure, it is fine when you go out and you are spending time with family or friends. But there are also moments where you will feel as though you have spent so much energy on work and other errands that you just want to relax at home for the entire weekend. And this guide is for those moments! Here are a few tips on planning a relaxing weekend at home:

Buy Snacks

When you are at home for the weekend, you deserve to treat yourself to some incredible food. Get all your favorite snacks so that you have plenty of munchies if you decide to watch a movie or binge on a television show. And you can even check out some online recipes to see if you want to try and make one of them while you are at home.

A weekend where you are at home is the perfect moment to try out a recipe that you may not have made in the past. And then you will be able to ensure that you have all the time in the world so that you can try out that recipe you may not have gotten a chance to make when you were busy with other commitments!

Invest in Bath Bombs

There is nothing like that feeling when you are sitting in a bath and relaxing, when you know that you are home for the whole night and you do not have any obligations. That is how you will feel when you are filling up your tub and putting The Soap Guy new bath bombs products in there. You will know that you are in for the time of your life!

The beauty of these bath bombs, which you are able to buy online, is that you can add so many wonderful smells and colors to your bath in an effortless way. Instead of having to combine five or six different mixes into the bath, you just have to add the bath bomb and you are good to go. You will come back to your bath in five minutes and it will be incredible.

With these bath bombs, you will feel as though you are at a day spa and able to have the most relaxing experience. What is more – you are also helping your skin when you are in the bath. The bath bombs that you can buy online, especially the natural and vegan ones, are so helpful for your skin. If you have skin that is damaged or excessively dry, you will find these bath bombs can deliver enough nutrients and moisture to your skin so that it is back to looking its best.

Take Up a Hobby

The best part about being home for the whole weekend is that you have time to yourself. You can take a bath, do your laundry and catch up on some television shows. But what you can also do is to take up a hobby!

Say you have always wanted to try painting or arts and crafts. Maybe you did not have enough time in the past. But now that you are at home for the whole weekend and you do not have any distractions, you can try these hobbies for as long as you want! You will be able to see how much fun it is to learn a new skill, paint a portrait or to knit a little gift that you can present to a family member.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be alone for the weekend. And with the above tips, you can have the most amazing solo weekend at home!

Types of Rhinoplasty

There are many different types of rhinoplasty that can be used to change the way a nose looks or correct medical problems that relate to the nose. Nose jobs are one of the most popular kinds of surgeries for plastic surgeons to perform, both here in NYC and around the world. They are also very complex, and can be done for many different reasons using a variety of techniques. Here are some of the types of rhinoplasty surgery that are performed by plastic surgery specialists.

Reduction RhinoplastyThis is a very common form of rhinoplasty. It is used to make the nose smaller. Many people choose to get this type of surgery because they believe that the size of their nose is disproportionate to their other facial features. In particular, this type of surgery is often performed to remove a bump on the bridge of the nose, decrease the width of the bridge of the nose, or decrease the width of the nostrils and tip of the nose. In most instances, this surgery results in a slight concave curve on the bridge of the nose, which makes it appear slimmer from multiple angles. The best nose surgeon in New York will also open up the tip of the nose during this procedure to reduce cartilage. To make the nostrils and the base of the nose slimmer, they can remove cartilage from the area around the base of the nose to give it more definition. For the most successful results with this specific type of rhinoplasty, it is ideal for patients to have thinner skin, because if the skin is too thick, it will have trouble shrinking to fit the new structure of the nose.

Augmentation RhinoplastyThis is the next most common form of rhinoplasty. This involves making the nose larger by increasing the amount of cartilage on the tip and bridge of the nose and re-shaping that area. This is often used by patients whose noses are underdeveloped. Ideally, the surgeon will take cartilage from inside the nose to reshape it, but in some cases, they may have to take a cartilage graft from somewhere else in the body.

Revision RhinoplastyThis is rhinoplasty that is performed in order to correct an error from a previous rhinoplasty surgery, or to make further changes to the nose. This type of rhinoplasty can be very tricky, because at this point, the patient normally does not have much skin to work with and a cartilage graft may be required. The surgeon must be careful to make very subtle changes, because otherwise the surgery can be very obvious.

Ethnic RhinoplastyThis term is often used to describe nose jobs that are performed on people of Asian, African American, or Hispanic descent. These rhinoplasties must take into account the facial features of the patient that are derived from their ethnicity to create a nose that looks natural and flattering on their face. Each ethnic rhinoplasty procedure is different, but most patients are seeking a reduction in the bridge of their nose, a defining of the tip, and narrowing of the nostrils and base of the nose. This can all be done with subtle and careful changes.

Post-traumatic RhinoplastyThis type of rhinoplasty is used to correct a broken nose or other injuries and damage to the face. This will need to be done fairly quickly after the injury to prevent further health problems. The doctor will reset the nose, making it straight and symmetrical, and then will correct any issues with the sinuses or air pathways. Sometimes, a more extensive full face surgery may need to be done, which takes much longer to plan and perform.

Medical RhinoplastyThis is performed when the patient has a medical issue with their nose that needs to be corrected for easier breathing and to prevent health issues. Usually, this is done to correct a deviated septum, which blocks the nasal passageways. However, it can also be done to remove enlarged nasal turbinates or nasal polyps, both of which are a major cause of allergies. Unlike other types of rhinoplasty, medical rhinoplasty may be covered under your insurance plan.

These are the many types of rhinoplasty that we perform here at our rhinoplasty specialty center.

Tips That Will Help You Create Interesting Content for Your PBN

There is a reason why so many PBN sites have issues or even fail after a setup. The easiest way to create a powerful network without wasting months on it is to turn to professionals who can create sites simultaneously. This way, your private blog network setup will be fast and you will jump to filling your sites with content practically immediately. Practice shows that this is that moment when something just goes wrong.

You can’t rely on cheap 300-word content in 2017, even though there isn’t any advanced algorithm that would detect that you’re using a PBN, Google still does manual checks. This is why you shouldn’t just worry about how to setup a PBN, you have to think in terms of supporting it.

2 Tips on Choosing the Right Format for Your Site

First and foremost, you have to choose the proper “cover” for your PBN. That’s better done even before you decide on buying expired domain (that’s so you can avoid obvious and radical re-theming that might get Google’s attention). If you are creating a personal blog, especially if your topic is dealing with the important matters, like health or financial advice, don’t pretend to be an expert. When they do a manual check, “expert” sites get caught in the first place. So, if you’re writing, let’s say, on giving birth at home or homeschooling, don’t pretend to be an experienced doctor or professional. Your site will do just as well if you decide to “be” a self-taught expert.

You also have to decide on the amount of time you’re willing to spend on one site. Many people who don’t want to invest in the high-quality content choose to turn to a PBN building service to get everything set up and then just choose one of those formats that require less attention. That is, for example, city-themed sites where you can just post different facts (Wiki), tune news’ RSS in, and voila!

Learning to Create Dissent (Manual Check-Proof) Content for a PBN

After you’re done with your PBN setup, you have to create a planning sheet to plan your articles in advance. That will help you be ready even for the toughest days when you don’t know what to post.

  • The old 300-500-word articles are officially dead.
    You shouldn’t just fill your site with tons of blank articles without multimedia content. Plain text won’t do anymore. Of course, if you plan to simply create a site to get 2-3 links from it, plain text is just what you’re looking for, but for a long-term work, you need to spend more time on it.
  • Include an infographic.
    Infographic is always super-easy to create, you will need only about 200 words of text and pictures. And people love it.
  • Use pictures and video content.
    Each of your articles has to have a picture or a video embedded. Plus, you can even publish a short video review, it’s quick and you have a post ready.
  • Create high-quality things.
    Your content has to be worth reading. For that, you have to either spend your time on it or hire a private blog network service support team (or 2-3 freelancers) that will create different and unique pieces of content for you.
  • Don’t jump to linking immediately.
    You shouldn’t start linking to your main website right after you create a PBN site. Publish a few posts, create all of your extra pages, get you design finished. There are plenty of things to do before, and your links will weigh more after.
  • Do have a story page.
    It doesn’t matter whether it will be an About Us or Why we created this site story, but you have to have it. Most of the PBN sites completely ignore the important part of connecting a personality, a face to a site. This is one of those moments they use when doing a manual check.
  • Include other pages.
    You also have to create other pages, like a contact form, FAQ, different tips of a navigation page. That creates an illusion that you care about your readers and want to personalize your site.
  • Or use old content.
    If you decided on high da pbn domain and you won’t do re-theming, that means you could find some useful content pieces through the Wayback This allows you to see what was on that website previously and you might find good pieces to use now.

If you’re following the rules, you’re pretty much out of the risk of getting de-indexed. People who really spend time creating good things that bring value are rewarded with money and rich link juice. Plus, it’s not that hard as it might seem in the very beginning. A good team or a helper will make running your PBN even easier for you.