Tips That Will Help You Create Interesting Content for Your PBN

There is a reason why so many PBN sites have issues or even fail after a setup. The easiest way to create a powerful network without wasting months on it is to turn to professionals who can create sites simultaneously. This way, your private blog network setup will be fast and you will jump to filling your sites with content practically immediately. Practice shows that this is that moment when something just goes wrong.

You can’t rely on cheap 300-word content in 2017, even though there isn’t any advanced algorithm that would detect that you’re using a PBN, Google still does manual checks. This is why you shouldn’t just worry about how to setup a PBN, you have to think in terms of supporting it.

2 Tips on Choosing the Right Format for Your Site

First and foremost, you have to choose the proper “cover” for your PBN. That’s better done even before you decide on buying expired domain (that’s so you can avoid obvious and radical re-theming that might get Google’s attention). If you are creating a personal blog, especially if your topic is dealing with the important matters, like health or financial advice, don’t pretend to be an expert. When they do a manual check, “expert” sites get caught in the first place. So, if you’re writing, let’s say, on giving birth at home or homeschooling, don’t pretend to be an experienced doctor or professional. Your site will do just as well if you decide to “be” a self-taught expert.

You also have to decide on the amount of time you’re willing to spend on one site. Many people who don’t want to invest in the high-quality content choose to turn to a PBN building service to get everything set up and then just choose one of those formats that require less attention. That is, for example, city-themed sites where you can just post different facts (Wiki), tune news’ RSS in, and voila!

Learning to Create Dissent (Manual Check-Proof) Content for a PBN

After you’re done with your PBN setup, you have to create a planning sheet to plan your articles in advance. That will help you be ready even for the toughest days when you don’t know what to post.

  • The old 300-500-word articles are officially dead.
    You shouldn’t just fill your site with tons of blank articles without multimedia content. Plain text won’t do anymore. Of course, if you plan to simply create a site to get 2-3 links from it, plain text is just what you’re looking for, but for a long-term work, you need to spend more time on it.
  • Include an infographic.
    Infographic is always super-easy to create, you will need only about 200 words of text and pictures. And people love it.
  • Use pictures and video content.
    Each of your articles has to have a picture or a video embedded. Plus, you can even publish a short video review, it’s quick and you have a post ready.
  • Create high-quality things.
    Your content has to be worth reading. For that, you have to either spend your time on it or hire a private blog network service support team (or 2-3 freelancers) that will create different and unique pieces of content for you.
  • Don’t jump to linking immediately.
    You shouldn’t start linking to your main website right after you create a PBN site. Publish a few posts, create all of your extra pages, get you design finished. There are plenty of things to do before, and your links will weigh more after.
  • Do have a story page.
    It doesn’t matter whether it will be an About Us or Why we created this site story, but you have to have it. Most of the PBN sites completely ignore the important part of connecting a personality, a face to a site. This is one of those moments they use when doing a manual check.
  • Include other pages.
    You also have to create other pages, like a contact form, FAQ, different tips of a navigation page. That creates an illusion that you care about your readers and want to personalize your site.
  • Or use old content.
    If you decided on high da pbn domain and you won’t do re-theming, that means you could find some useful content pieces through the Wayback This allows you to see what was on that website previously and you might find good pieces to use now.

If you’re following the rules, you’re pretty much out of the risk of getting de-indexed. People who really spend time creating good things that bring value are rewarded with money and rich link juice. Plus, it’s not that hard as it might seem in the very beginning. A good team or a helper will make running your PBN even easier for you.