Do I Need Car Insurance In Thailand?

Called the Land of Smiles, Thailand is known for its great beaches, tourist destinations and a robust economy. People who are moving to Thailand or entering the workforce may be wondering how they are able to deal with the process of owning a car. Thailand is one of those places where you have to get some form of car insurance if you want to legally drive on the road.

Protecting Your Vehicle

If you were to ask anyone who has driven on Thai roads for more than an hour whether you should get insurance, they would say yes! People who drive in Western countries like the United States or England complain about the roads in those countries. But it is nothing compared to the madness that you can expect on Thai roads.

Taxi drivers will change lanes out of nowhere, you will have massive piles of cars in rush hour, and you will have some very deadly thruways that you must get through when you are driving around big cities. It is not as if you are in for a deadly experience, but getting a few dings in your car every year is par for the course.

Compulsory Insurance

Before you even deal with any car insurance companies in Thailand, you should know that you must have some type of compulsory insurance. The specific nature of this policy will depend on the area where you live. But you can go to car insurance companies, brokers or the Department of Land Transport to get the compulsory policy.

The issue for many drivers is that you are getting very little coverage through that policy. While it gives you coverage for liability and some injury protection for people in your car, it is not enough to protect your vehicle. You will have to get a private policy from one of the best car insurance companies in Thailand to make that happen.

Private Insurance

Much like the West, there are private insurance companies in Thailand where you are able to purchase insurance. The amount that you are paying depends on many factors. You will be judged on your riding history, age, gender, car and other factors. This will determine the bracket that you are put into by the company when they are handing out rates and quotes.

In terms of the options for private insurance, you can look at the main policies and you will find something that is appealing. There is insurance ranging from Type 1 to 2 to 2+ to 3 to 3+.

It is interesting that when you are buying insurance in Thailand, the type 1 policy is the one that is the best. It is the one that costs the most money and gives you the most coverage. As you go down to 2+, 2, 3+ and 3, you are going downward in terms of how much coverage is available.

How Often Do You Drive?

When you are getting insurance from a top car insurance company in Thailand, you should think about how much protection you need. Say you are going to and from work each day in your car and the route is at least 20 to 30 minutes. Then you are stopping at grocery stores and other spots. You are driving a lot – which means that you should have good protection. If you can afford it – get the type 1 insurance.

But if you live very close to your work and you work from home some days, you may be able to get away with a lesser policy. You do not drive as much. So long as you avoid the rush hours and busiest roads, then you will have a much lower chance of getting into an accident during the year.

One good thing about Thai insurance is that everything is covered in the best policies. Liability coverage is very comprehensive, while you are protected from collision damage, medical expenses, theft, floods, fires, natural disasters, and other incidents.