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Phase 1 - May 12 / Electro + Opening Night Phase 2 - May 12 - Old School / Indust Phase 3 - May 14 - Harsh Indust / Noise Phase 5 - May 16 - EBM / Synthpop Pre-Festival - May 11 / Bar Passeport After-Festival - May 17 / Bar Passeport

Submerged in the most polluted city of the world where violence is routine and where human relationships become more and more distant Erk Aicrag and Racso Agroyam incited to express their feelings through the technology given to the influence of varying currents of electronicmusic mainly by Skinny Puppy they began their trajectory in 1989 in a called project "Niñera Degenerada" with some friends. That act was even an immature shot with portasound keyboards, homemade distortion, tape samplers and homemade instruments.

Things were changing and in 1992 they were forming the concept of what any day seriously would be HOCICO at first called "Hocico de Perro" even with a Casio keyboard Racso began leaving flow their first overflowings of imagination inside the electronics. This was really a stage that last up to 1993 when came the opportunities of acquiring professional equipment, Racso reached intimately the digital musical electronics and Erk the vocal and lyrical expression, activities that give stamp to their music and concept.

HOCICO after having worked their first recordings in ends of '93, it carry out their first live concert in Erk's house ( February 18th 1994), which caused great expectation among friends and people near to the music. Here they began to distribute their first recordings, a demo-tape called "Misuse, abuse, and Accident" of which there were just about 30 copies.

Since then, presentations continued covering all over the city and country. In April '94 they proved the inclusion of a Guitarist with whom the makeup was not very concise and he left Hocico a month later.

In July of this year HOCICO began working on their first demo-tape "Autoagresion Persistente", in that time they were in contact with other electronic bands already existent: Deus Ex Machina, Soucerx, Cenobita, Kristi Artefactum,Oxomaxoma.

In October '94 "Autoagresion Persistente" was released, in this tape exists a great obsession for the speed and the delirium that could create the atmospheres of harmony with touches of orchestral instruments, strong sounds and driving beats, being in the words reflected human situations of pain, offense, sexual abuse, suicide and death with its several faces.Here HOCICO showed how the humanity produces the effects against itself in each selfish and destructive action. In it is important the capacity of expression that can be obtained from the experience of the aggressor to the attacked. This demo-tape impulsed them to obtain excellent and encouraging comments in the to woe growing national scene, in some European countries (Belgium, Slovak, Spain) and in U.S.. "A.P." was also was the spinal cord to capt one by one electro-followers in their concerts.

In May of 1995 HOCICO together with the bands: oxomaxoma, deus ex machina, cenobita, soucerx and kristi artefactum created the "corporación" (an association of electro bands from Mexico city). Here Erk and Racso collaborated in the organization of musical events of several nature. This association No longer exists.

In this year Hocico gave concerts all over Mexico city, and the whole country. Between November '95-enero '96 Racso and Erk Recorded "Triste Desprecio" their second demo-tape, where melancholy and fury are impressed. In T.D. they see humankind through furious eyes like a desolated being.And reduces him to an incomplete being in world with an homocentered vision of what happens in life, like a being lack of intelligence to live in community, they show feelings of sadness and deep impotence trough hard points of view. The existentialism is evidently marked.

This demo also received good National and International reviews and opened them the doors to release their first CD recording under the Opcion Sonica label, called "Odio Bajo El Alma" that has implicit a message of human evil, now O.B.A. has been licensed to Out of Line in Germany, and to Submission in Italy.

"HOCICO is our way of living and of thinking, it is the way in which we see the behavior of the world, and how hope, deception and hate maintain a constant fight inside the human conscience."

In 1978, Dirk started as singer and guitar player in the punk band Slaughterhouse, but broke up the group one year later to form the more new wave minded project The Few.

Influenced by bands from the German and UK electronic scene, Dirk Ivens (synths & voice) formed ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL early 1980, and was joined by Mark de Jonghe (synths) and Veerle de Schepper (backing vocals). After releasing a track on the "Blitzpop 1" compilation and the release of their first 7" single "Is there an exit?" (1981), which became a local underground hit, Mark leaves the band. Eric van Wonterghem, who was in fact a spectator at the first ABC concert, filled in the gap and became Dirk’s new musical partner for years to come. Before they decided to go on as a duo, ABC already appeared on several compilation albums and tapes worldwide. Soon ABC became one of the first Belgian electronic acts who proved to be successful also on stage. In 1984 Dirk became a member of "The Klinik", followed by Eric who left after the 2nd album to form Insekt. In 1989 they released their last tape "Tracks" which contained all ABC compilation contributions so far, but the band was put on non active well before. However, the public interest was still there and resulted in the release of the first and only ABC cd so far,"Eat this" (1993) on the German VUZ records. Many people re-discovered the band and ABC releases became much sought after collector items. Still, it took them over 22 years to reform and play at festivals like the Tinitus (Sweden) and BIM Fest (Belgium) at the end of 2006. Meanwhile, their entire back catalog is available through Tarantulla (Lost/Found) and Vinyl on Demand (Tapes 81-89). Today, with the release of "Wind(re)Wind" album, which contains 13 re-recorded versions of their best tracks so far and the brand new MCD "Never Seen" ............... the future is open.

In 1984, the Absolute Controlled Clinical Maniacs, a project with members of three Belgian bands, were invited to do a tour in Norway. When they returned, they changed their name to The Klinik. Dirk was a member of The Klinik until 1991. When they decided to split up, they already built themselves a very good live reputation with their unique sound and visual gigs and became, besides Front 242 and The Neon Judgement, one of the biggest names in the Belgian electronic/industrial scene. With classic dancefloorfillers like "Moving Hands", "Sick in your mind", "Black Leather" and so many more they are still today an influence for many young bands. In the meantime the complete back catalog is re-released on the German Hands label and in 2003 the band came together again for 3 reunion shows, BIM 2003 / WGT 2004 / MERA LUNA 2005 and now in 2008 the Amphi Festival is on the list.

In 1990, Dirk released a self-titled solo album under the name Dive. It was released on his own label Body Records. The album was very primitive, harsh and experimental, with lyrics about hope, death, love and fear, but hits like 10000 volts. This was the start of many products with an evolving sound. With a minimum on equipment, Dirk creates a maximum of power. His sound is copied by a lot of newcomers in the last couple of years and he proved on many stages that less means more.

In 1996, Dirk starts Sonar with the aim to create rhythmical noise and dark soundscapes. The music is created with a combination of analogue and digital instruments. The rhythms remind to working machines, the soundscapes to droning planes. The sound of Sonar is made to make you move in another way, to tune you into a hypnotic beat. It is a straightforward sound which goes further on classic industrial but never without an extra dimension of powerful dynamics and tuned electronics. Sonar is looking for a contemporary definition of danceable industrial and tries to discover this by controlling electronic devices.

Gigs worldwide, touring in Japan, Canada, USA, Europe, important festivals like Eurorock, Mera Luna, Zillo, Wave-Gotik Treffen, Dour festival, collaborations with Controlled Bleeding, Kirlian Camera, Sigillum S, Ivan Iusco, Rafael M. Espinosa, Diskonnekted and Francoise Duvivier, his Daft , Minimal Maximal and Body Records label, a side project as Blok 57, touring with bands like Sigillum S, Esplendor Geometrico, Kirlian Camera, Vomito Negro, Neither Neither World, Monolith, Suicide Commando, Insekt, Numb, Noisex, Black Lung, Stereo Taxic Device, Geistform, VNV Nation, combined with an impressive discography makes that Dirk after more than 3 decades is still one of the leaders of the Belgian electronic scene of today.

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Tactical Sekt is an elektro-industrial act consisting of Anthony Mather (USA - Vocals, Keyboards, Programming) and Jay Taylor (UK - Live Drums). They are known for their powerful, noisy, dark electronic sound similar to Suicide Commando or Hocico.

Tactical Sekt was conceived in the mind of Anthony Mather in about 2002/2003. Mather previously had experience with elektro-industrial music in his former band, Aslan Faction.

After some time, Aslan Faction stopped to perform live and making new music, which persuaded Anthony Mather to devote himself totally to Tactical Sekt. The album “Geneticide” was soon put out and it featured, as Ant said in one interview: “…mostly songs that didn’t fit into Aslan Faction music profile…”.

Soon after “Geneticide” in 2003, “Burn Process” was released. The music and the atmosphere was much more euro-trance alike, emphasizing that Aslan Faction days were over.

In the following years Tactical Sekt were mostly performing live and doing remixes for other acts.

In spring 2006, a new album was coming out - “Syncope.” It featured 13 tracks, and besides the regular album, a limited edition was published which featured never released tracks, mostly from the “Geneticide” period.

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in 1992, patrick S. (belgium) decided to create a true experiment in time. hypnoskull was born. after having done experiments in electronic music ever since 1990 under various project names like ectoplasmic embryo experience, das schreckenskabinett, godwin, mask, b.r.b. and some others, the time was right to start up a main project. some dozen of cassette releases were published on his own cassettelabel escape 3 tapes, and he appeared on various international tapelabels with such industrial / noise bands like merzbow, hybryds, deleted, ars moriendi, the cruel punishments, to name but a few.

The first few years, hypnoskull's sound was very experimental, incorporating influences from mainly the japanese noise scene with projects like masonna, merzbow, dissecting table and hijokaidan. often, stage shows were very experimental too, using broken equipment, metres of cable, microphones and batteries emitting pure noise. one year later, in 1993 the beat came in the game. noise + beats. something which was not new, but fascinating at least. in 1996 patrick s. founded sonar together with dirk ivens, and he would produce aside him the first two albums and several vinyls as sonar. in 1998, hypnoskull released his first full album called 'rhythmusmaschine eins zwei' at german label ant-zen. hypnoskull rapidly became a player in the so-called power noise scene alongside acts like noisex, imminent starvation, pal, synapscape and so many others.

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AMBASSADOR21 play industrial music with strong hardcore and electro punk influences since 2001. Duo toured a lot during last 4 years and perfomed at many events all over Europe (as headline act, as well): festivals like Maschinenfest’05 (A21), Maschinenfest’06 (with their side-project SUICIDE INSIDE and Maschinenfest’08 (with their side-project SUICIDE INSIDE), Elektroanschlag (Altenburg), Resistance Festival (Bratislava and London), Sick & Twisted (London), Sickfest (Moscow), Dark Easter (Utrecht) and many gigs in Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Russia and Belarus.

AMBASSADOR21 founded their own record label Invasion Wreck Chords in the end of 2001. During A21 existence they released many full-length records, as lots of contributions on Ant-Zen, Hands, Pflichtkauf, D-Trash, Restroom, Audiotrauma, Out Of Line, Beton Kopf Media, etc.

In the beginning of 2007, in celebration AMBASSADOR21 5th Anniversary, Invasion Wreck Chords released album “Drunken, Crazy, With A Gun”, included remixes by WUMPSCUT, MONOLITH, ASCHE, CONTAGIOUS ORGASM, THIS MORN OMINA, P.A.L, AH CAMA-SOTZ, MIMETIC and others. Also in June 2007 the band released “Cut&Go”, a collection of remixes by A21 for SYNAPSCAPE, FOETUS, SONAR, :WUMPSCUT:, KIEW, SNOG and more.

In March-April A21 played 5th Anniversary Tour with shows in Moscow, Minsk, Paris, Tours, Leipzig, Utrecht and other cities in Europe, Russia and Belarus. Brand new full-length album “FUCK ALL $Y$TEM$” coming soon on Invasion Wreck Chords and includes remixes by SYNAPSCAPE, IMMINENT and S.I.N.A., as well. “FUCK ALL $Y$TEM$” US-edition will be released by Vendetta Music.

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Out of the sludge filled sewers and scrap metal heaps of New York comes TERRORFAKT

Acidic and harsh, the music of TERRORFAKT is unavoidable. This hard hitting industrial band based out of NYC blazed onto the scene in 2001 with their self released album titled, We Know Pain. Having been influenced by bands such as Controlled Bleeding, Neurosis, Merzbow, Manufactura and Synascape, TERRORFAKT describes their sound as ranging from powerful dance-floor anthems to ambient sound-scapes and pure experimental noise structures.

After releasing several albums on their own, TERRORFAKT was signed to Tinman Records and released the album, Deconstruction, in 2003. The album was a huge club hit in the United States as well as in Canada and the band attributed this success to the loyal DJs who enjoyed the album and played select songs from Deconstruction in clubs and over the airwaves.

In order to build up a strong fan base, TERRORFAKT has been touring relentlessly, performing well over 250 times in the U.S. and Canada since mid 2002. The band has opened for such bands as E-Craft, Das Ich, Funkervogt, Manufactura, KMFDM, and Hocico.

TERRORFAKT returned with their second release on their new label, Metropolis Records. Released in August of 2004, Cold Steel World contained brutal rhythms designed to turn any dance-floor into a war-zone like frenzy.

For the first several weeks after the album's release, the label had difficulty keeping it in stock. The band also played over 70 live dates in 2004 alone!

For 2005, TERRORFAKT presented the world with a remix CD packed with over the top remixes and five tracks not on CSW. Cold World Remixes plays smoothly from start to finish like a new studio record thanks to help from the remixing talents of Imperative Reaction, E/Craft, Angel Theory, Cervello Elettronico, and Life Cried.

TERRORFAKT’s third release on Metropolis, Teethgrinder, is a myriad of torment, anger, confusion, hatred, and pain. Aggressive is too mild of a word to describe the pummeling beats, explosive rhythms, critical state melodies and self-destructive tempo. With the most raging album you all hear for 2006, TERRORFAKT has reached unprecedented levels with the seething Teethgrinder.

TERRORFAKT is also signed to Industrial Strength / Industrial Movement, the label run by the famous Hardcore techno pioneer Lenny Dee. Industrial Strength has released several TERRORFAKT 12 inch vinyl records as well as a Double CD, all of which are near sold out and out of print.

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COP International Noitekk

Destroid is an elektro-industrial project formed in Germany in 2004. The band members are Daniel Myer, Seb Rydell and Ribi. Daniel Myer is well known for his other projects Haujobb and Architect.

The first album “Future Prophecies” was released in 2004 on Out of Line Records (a German label) and featured a variety of different ebm and electro styles and was met with generally good reviews. In 2007 the latest album “Loudspeaker” was released on Scanner (Europe) and COP International (United States).

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„I only have one interest: i don't care if you live or die: I just wanna see you dance !“

This is the motto that made Thomas Rainer create his new musical project NACHTMAHR in 2007. After the Austrian artist has achieved worldwide success with L'AME IMMORTELLE and SIECHTUM in the past 11 years, he returns to his roots: the boiling dancefloors of industrial and goth clubs alike

Inspired by numerous years of Djing NACHTMAHR is the missing link between merciless and provocative Industrial and the hammering power of Techno. The first release “Kunst ist Krieg” and it's club hit “BoomBoomBoom” instantly conquer the dancefloors worldwide.

With the release of the full-length album “Feuer frei!” the success of the EP was exceeded by far: Germany's biggest and most influential dark music magazine ORKUS quoted: “This is the new standard for the electro industrial genre” and the club single “Katharsis” dominated the clubs for months

After two extensive tours through the United States and concerts in all parts of Europe and Russia NACHTMAHR is ready for another attack !

The new album entitled “Alle Lust will Ewigkeit” continues in the uncompromising and relentless path of destruction the Austrian Industrial project has chosen: heavy distorted beats, driving basslines and addictive melodies to pave the way to total club domination.

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FabrikC is the Powernoise project of Thorsten Berger from Hannover, Germany. After several CDr releases, club hits and performances FabrikC was able to sign a contract leading to the debut album “Gleichstrom” under the ProNoize/DarkDimensions-label . Now FabrikC is back with the new release “Impulsgeber”, an album full of hard beats, fast sequences and diverse samples suited for guaranteed dancefloor activity.

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Attention cadets, incoming transmission! Destruction is imminent: Memmaker are here to destroy all human eardrums and interface with your women, undermining earth society forever. Comprised of Guillaume Nadon and Yann Faussurier (of Iszoloscope), Memmaker have forged a rare and explosive compound of hard-trance, driving electro grooves, and immense industrial beats against which mankind is utterly defenseless. Limbs will be shattered and tossed like straw as the full force of their unstoppable sonic barrage is unleashed upon humanity, animating those torn and smashed extremities in a violent whirl of fists and bodies as their complete takeover of your central nervous system compels you to MOVE. Bodies will be tossed on concussive tremors of bass, and the screams of ecstasy and resignation will drown in the impossibly infectious rhythms.

The only hope for survival is to assimilate into the robot ranks and take to the streets. You are all soldiers to the cause now, and the Uprising is in motion - the insatiable iron lust of your new mechanical rulers will be satisfied! This robotic takeover is a cooperative venture between Hive Records Global Noise Corporation and the Embodiment Records Woldwide Control Apparatus. Released on Hive Records and available January 21st, 2008.

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iVardensphere’s goals are simple: the creation of music that will make you move. With a fierce blend of dance floor punch, thick analogue sound and tribal influence. Judging by fans rabid reactions....it’s working in spades.

Based in Edmonton, Canada, a hotbed of industrial activity, Scott Fox splits his time between teaching music engineering, writing for iVardensphere and DJing notorious club nights like SICK and Das OOntz. Soon after the completion of the first album “Scatterface” Scott enlisted the talents of Chris Lacroix to help bring the project to the next level; live performance. This is where the band shines. iVardensphere has been constantly active having performed with acts ranging from Iszoloscope to Apoptygma Berzerk and at such places as Das Bunker in LA and the upcoming Kinetik Festival 3 in Montreal. A 2010 European tour is currently in the planning stages.

Upon being heard for the first time by the label Synthetic Sounds, iVardensphere was immediately signed and “Scatterface” was released across Canada in July 2009 after Sebastian Komor of Icon of Coil mastered the disc. In true industrial fashion a limited edition of the CD (consisting of plates of metal bolted together) was made and sold at live shows. On December 5th of 2009, “Scatterface” will make its way Across the Atlantic on one of Europe’s leading Darkrock and Industrial Label’s Danse Macabre Records.

iVardensphere has already come a long way in a short of time. With no limit in sight, Scott and Chris have begun work on the follow up to “Scatterface”. 2010 and beyond will see the band continue its march towards global takeover......so be prepared to hear and see them on a dance floor near you!

synnack versus torrent vaccine" is a live performance featuring on-the-fly mashup of dark electronic music by Clint Sand of synnack and Brad Perkins of Torrent Vaccine.

Defying an easy description, synnack is perhaps best described as "experimental electronic music"; fusing elements of ambient, noise, industrial, and IDM musical styles with new media performance mediums.

synnack is Clint M. Sand (of 0xf8 Studios, and formerly of cut.rate.box and Mono Chrome) and features additional contributions by Dave Jones of AttackSustain and others.

Torrent Vaccine is an electronic solo operation out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, brought to life by Brad Vaccine after moving there in 1998. Growing up in rural Louisiana, Brad was continuously searching for ways to pass the time. This eventually led to an interest in music and writing his own was a natural progression. While searching for new forms of expression he was introduced to industrial music. Never having heard anything like this, it quickly became a part of his personality. This new acquaintance convinced Brad to begin his exploration into electronic sound design..

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Merch tables area-BBQ 3pm / Show hall doors 4pm
for tickets info visit the online store section

Phase 4.Harsh Indust-Noise.Saturday May 15

01:00 PM Ticket office
03:00 PM Merch tables area - Garden / BBQ (open to all)
04:00 PM Show Hall opening (ticket or pass needed)
04:10 PM Ivardensphere [CA]
05:00 PM Memmaker [CA]
06:00 PM Destroid [DE]
07:00 PM Ambassador 21 [BY]
08:00 PM Nachtmahr [AT]
09:00 PM Terrorfakt [US]
10:00 PM Tactical Sekt [US/UK]
11:00 PM Hypnoskull [DE]
12:05 AM Hocico [MX]
01:20 AM Dive [BE]
02:20 AM FabrikC [DE]

06:00 PM Café Usine C (Open to all)
08:00 PM Torrent Vaccine/Synnack [US] (live set)

Pre-Festival - May 11 / Bar Passeport      
Phase 1 - May 12 - Electro      
Phase 2 - May 13 - Old School / Industrial Phase 3 - May 14 - Harsh Indust / Noise Phase 5 - May 16 - EBM / Synthpop
After-festival - May 17 - Bar Passeport

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