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A Nonprofit organization founded by a partnership between KAO Production & [i] Prod to promote the North American Electro-Industrial-Noize scene, Kinetik Productions is proud to bring you back after the success of the last editions, the Kinetik Festival 5.0 from May 17 to 20 2012 in Montreal, Canada. Don't miss your chance to be part of this unique experience with some of the best acts of the Electro-Industrial scene performing during those four days!


Here`s the 2012 Kinetik Festival detailed schedule :)

Mercredi 16 mai.Wednesday may 16 :

12:00pm tickets counter (untill 6pm)
10:00pm pre-festival @ Bar Passeport

Phase 01.Jeudi 17 mai.Thursday may17 :

12:00pm tickets counter
06:00pm Doors
06:30pm Projekt F
07:35pm Adversary
08:40pm Orphx
09:50pm Nachtmahr
11:10pm winterkaelte
12:30am Combichrist
01:55am E-Craft

Phase 02.Vendredi 18 mai.Friday may 18 :

12:00pm tickets counter
06:00pm Doors
06:30pm Cenotype
07:30pm Shiv-R
08:35pm Klangstabil
09:35pm Hypr
10:05pm Grendel
11:20pm Haujobb
12:35am Panzer AG
02:00am Heimataerde

Phase 03.Samedi 19 mai.Saturday may 19 :

12:00pm tickets counter
06:00pm Doors
06:30pm Aliceffekt
07:35pm End.User
08:40pm C-Lekktor
09:50pm FGFC820
11:10pm Noisex
12:30am Hocico
01:55am Iszoloscope

Phase 04.Dimanche 20 mai.Sunday may 20 :

12:00pm tickets counter
06:00pm Doors
06:30pm Nitronoise
07:35pm The Gothsicles
08:40pm Miss Construction
09:50pm SITD
11:10pm Beborn Beton
12:30am Blutengel
01:55am S.P.O.C.K

Phase 05.Dimanche 20 mai.Sunday may 20 :

10:00pm Doors

Lundi 21 mai.Monday may 21 :

10:00 pm after-festival @ Bar Passeport


‎Here`s the 2012 media accreditation form. Please note that we will not accept people only because they send the formula, background check will be made.


Tickets are now available in the Montreal stores (at reduce prices for one week only) and via the Admission office. Visite the tickets section for more information.


It's not an April fool day prank, we are back online :) Firts of all we would like to remember to all that the best way to get the up to date news on the Kinetik festival is to fallow us on the Kinetik Facebook page.

We would also announce that the tickets will soon arrive in stores, since they will arrive after the last tickets prices change, they will be for a one week period after their arrival at the promo price of January. Please look for update here on when you can find them.

Please note to due to delay, t-shirts (that came with the Diamond passes) will only be shipped to you at the end of April. For people that would have changed address since they did their purchases online, please send us your new address to this email. Also once again, Diamond passes are the only one that get advance shipping (for the t-shirt only), all tickets, passes will be gived to you at the venue door in exchange of your paypal transaction confirmation email.

Finally here`s a little promo video for the 2012 edition of the Kinetik Festival, feel free to share it to bring more people to what would be again one of the event of the year for the North America Electro-Industrial-Noise-Hardcore scene :)


Firts of all... happy new year to everyone :)

2012 T-Shirt contest:

The T-Shirt contest finalists have now been nominated and it’s now time to vote! Here are the four finalists:

Model 01
model 01

Model 02
model 02

Model 03
model 03

Model 04
model 04

To vote for your favourite one, please visit the official Facebook Kinetik Festival page in the T-shirt contest section.

Online Store:

:: Festival Kinetik Online Store / Magasin en Ligne ::

We are proud to announce that the tickets/passes for the 2012 edition of the Kinetik Festival are now on sale! Please note that the Sunday May 20 phase 05 night is NOT included in the diamond passes. Visit the tickets/store section on the website for more information or to benefit from the promotional prices available for presale until January 20.

2012 Kinetik official hotel:

We are also proud to give you the information on the official hotel for the 2011 edition of the festival. For a second year, the Hyatt Regency hotel Montreal is proud to provide you with special fares for your stay during the festival. Visit the Montreal section for more informations.


2012 lineup :

We are proud to announce the addition of the 3 last bands for the 2012 edition of the Kinetik festival.

First of all, 2 of these excellent bands of Montreal's industrial scene (Kinetik is a Montreal festival after all):

Projekt F


Second of all... A mystery band... Who are they? Mystery... Mystery....


Addition of the phase 5.0 :

Industrial Strength

And the rumors were true, the Kinetik festival team was able to bend the space-time continuum and make 5 nights in 4. We are happy to announce, in collaboration with Industrial Strength Records, the addition of phase 5 : Sunday May 20th for a Hardcore vs. Indust night, which will be held in tandem with the Metropolis night and end at sunrise.

We are then proud to announce a lineup of international and local djs for this night, one of the biggest Montreal will have see in the past years!

Lenny Dee

The Speed Freak





Kinetik Festival t-shirt design contest

Now is the time for the 2012 t-shirt contest, the contest is open to all (some kind of knowledge in printing material could help), you only have to send before December 10th your proposal to this email with "t-shirt design contest" in the topic of the email. The winning concept will be decided by the Festival Kinetik team. The winner will receive for is work a full access festival pass + a t-shirt with is winning graphic.

The rules :

- The front art must include festival kinetik logo and formula
- The back art must include festival kinetik name and dates and must leave place for the festival bands line up and sponsor logo. Art can be planned to be behind the text

- Proposal must only include 2 colors (same for the front and back side) and if possible use the festival kinetik 2012 color (red) and template.
- Proposal must be sent in one of those formats :

- Illustrator collapsed format .AI or .EPS
- jpg 300 dpi CMYK with two separated file with one color in each
- PSD format with collapsed layer per color with no background color.

- Printing size must be a maximum of 15 inches wide by 24 inches high.

References files to use:

- "Kinetik" logo english/french
- "KK" logo

- The deadline is December the 10th

Good luck!!

Detailed schedule :

With the addition of the phase 5, we are now able to announce the schedule per phase. Please visit the schedule section for further info.

DJ requests :

You're a DJ? You would like to play at Kinetik? Here is your chance!! Here is the application form for the 2012 edition!

Publicity and merch tables 2012 :

You would like to be seen in the Kinetik festival documentation? You have creations and would be interested in the festival's clientele? Here is the application form for the 2012 edition.

Bought items for 2011 that were not delivered

For those who have ordered t-shirts, DVDs and other items online without coming to the festival and have not received their items, please write us at this email address. Due to a problem with the festival’s Paypal account, we cannot make the follow up to the original orders and we will need to confirm with you the address to deliver your items as soon as possible. We are very sorry for this inconvenience.

2012 Ticket sales :

Kinetik Festival little army of monkeys are hard at work, and they should be able to put online the 2012 online store... THIS WEEK END!


The time is almost there for the 2012 tickets sale.. here's one of the last bands update! Stay tuned also for the upcoming Kinetik Festival 5.0 T-shirt contest and the dj's request application.

So here are today announcements:




Some big news for tonight :)



Miss Construction



Here are this week announcements :)


The Gothsicles


Today's announcements, Harsh industrial special for tonight :)

Making a return to present there upcoming new album Homeland Insecurity :


we are also happy to announce addition of:


and of:


and finally the addition of :



Here's are your week end announcements :)

After numerous shows to support Rammstein north american and euro tours, back to Montreal for an other show that will inflame Kinetik 5.0 :


We are also happy the addition of one of the pioneer of the Canadian Fusion Industrial music :


And finally for a first time in North America, and for a show that promise to be unique in his genre:



We are happy to announce that after being kidnapped by Rammstein to support their 2011 tour, Andy LaPlegua will be back for the 5.0 edition of the festival with :

Panzer AG

And finally, here are the new web flyer and banner for the 5.0 edition of the Kinetik Festival. Mainy other names will be added, so if you post it online, be sure to keep the original link from this site to have an updated version of those publicity.

.:: Kinetik Festival 5.0 - May 17-20.2012 - Montreal.Canada ::.
Use this html code to post the web flyer on your site/blog

<a href="http://www.festival-kinetik.net"><img alt=".:: Kinetik Festival 5.0 - May 17-20.2012 - Montreal.Canada ::." src="http://www.festival-kinetik.net/kinetik_festival_2012_webflyer.jpg" /></a>

.:: Kinetik Festival 5.0 - May 17-20.2012 - Montreal.Canada ::.
Use this html code to post the web banner on your site/blog

<a href="http://www.festival-kinetik.net"><img alt=".:: Kinetik Festival 5.0 - May 17-20.2012 - Montreal.Canada ::." src="http://www.festival-kinetik.net/festival_kinetik12_banner.gif" /></a>


Since we where not able to do an update last night... here`s two bands announcements :)

First of all we are pleased to announce the addition of:

Beborn Beton

and we are also happy to announce the addition of:



We are pleased to announce the addition to Kinetik Festival, for a first time in North America:


We are pleased to announce the addition of one of the masterminds of the Dum'n'Noise music to the 2012 lineup :


We are happy to announce another name for the 2012 edition :


We are happy to announce the comeback of one of the highlights of the 3.0 edition for the 2012 edition:


We are proud to present a media partnership with Side-Line Magazine as one of the official presenters of the 5th edition of the Kinetik Festival.

We do not make any promises, but we will try to announce a new band per day, so for tonight we are proudly announcing the adding of :


The moment everyone was waiting for, the first confirmed band for the 2012 edition:



Kinetik Festival 5.0

Yes, we are back... for the 5th edition of the Kinetik Festival :)

First of all, we would like to thank all the attendees that have come from the four corners of the globe to assist in great numbers to the 2011 edition, to the Metropolis team who has offered us a magnificent new venue for the festival, all the artists who performed at Kinetik 4.0, the festival team, the tech crew, the vendors and every person who has made of the 4.0 edition another great success!! We will soon put up online some photos and videos of the 2011 edition and don’t miss our special announcement for those who would like to get their hands on a special souvenir from that edition.

And now, the moment everyone was waiting for..do not miss the 2012 edition of the Kinetik Festival held from May 17th to May 20th at Metropolis in Montreal. In the next few weeks we will gradually present the names of the artists/bands as they get confirmed for this new edition. We will soon also post the hotel specials for 2012 since some of you seem already impatient to book your stay. :)

You can follow us on the event and official facebook group of the festival.

In hopes of seeing you in 2012!

Festival Kinetik team


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