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You want to help the Kinetik Festival, you want to see it go back to a bigger format in 2014? Please donate to Kinetik Productions, a nonprofit institution that have as only reason to be, you, the Rivet Heads and Electro-Industrial music lovers.


Last post before kinetik!

we are happy to announce that the Phase 03 (Saturday May 25) of the Kinetik Festival is now also a sold out night! thank you everyone :)

Please note that 50 tickets for each night will be on sales directly at Belmon at the price of 45$. Ticket counter will be open at 5pm on Thurday and at 2pm for the other days. We highly recommande for the ones in need of tickets to act quickly. Aslo, to avoid long lines, people with passes can arrive before the doors opening to get them.

see you all tomorow!


Less than 5 days to go before Kinetik festival 5.5 start!

- Tickets :

All sales in stores (Montreal and Toronto) have been stoped. We are re-opening the online store tonight with a verry limited number of tickets. All online sales will stop on Wednesday May 22 10pm. Please note that we are keeping 50 tickets on sale directly at the door of the event during the festival.

be safe and buy your tickets in advance, this event will be sold out!

- Tickets counter :

Please note that the tickets counter at Belmont will be open at 5pm on Thursday May 23 and at 2pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. To avoid any line, you can arrive before door open to get your festival passes to enter directly in the venue when doors open. Please note that normal tickets will not be gived in advance. To receive your passes or tickets, you will need a matching ID from the original transaction if you're the one that bought the original items. If your paypal account his linked to a company name or a different name (like if you bought your tickets from someone else), please bring with you a printed copy of the original paypal confirmation email.

- Kinetik Festival Boréales VIP :

We are pleased to announce the Kinetik Festival 5.5 Boréale VIP. Each VIP give access to ONE night. Multiple VIP purchases for different nights is allowed. One VIP give access to a behind the scene look at the festival, an exclusif festival lanyard with access to part of the sound check, your chance to meet the bands and in collaboration with Boréale, a free beer. Please take time to look at the information for each VIP for the meeting time for sound check.

please use this link for more information. Passes will also be on sale at the door of the festival if still available.

- Kinetik Festival schedule :

Phase 01 : Thursday May 23

05:00pm ticket counter
07:00pm VIP access
10 :00pm Doors
10 :30 MyParasite
11 :30 Projekt F
12 :30 Life Cried
01 :45 DYM

Phase 02 : Friday May 24

02:00pm ticket counter
02:00pm VIP access (2pm to 5pm with a re-entry at 9pm)
09 :00pm Doors
09 :30 Nitronoise
10 :30 FGFC820
11 :45 Suicide Commando (special 2h set!)
02 :00 Frontal Boundary

Phase 03 : Saturday May 25

02:00pm ticket counter
02:00pm VIP access
07 :00pm Doors
07 :25 Displacer
08 :25 Cenotype
09 :30 Decoded Feedback
10 :45 Terrorfakt 
12 :20 Aesthetic Perfection
02:00 Tonikom

Phase 04 : Sunday May 26

02:00pm ticket counter
02:00pm VIP access
07 :00pm Doors
07 :30 Fractured
08 :30 Encephalon
09 :35 The Gothsicles
10 :50 Ayria 
12 :10 Project Pitchfork
02 :00 Panic Lift


Less than one month to go! a lot of updates for you coming up in the next days :)

- Kinetik Festival 5.0 (2012) picture book now available :


visit this link for more info on it and where to get your copy of it.

- Tickets sales / stores :

Tickets sales are now over 75%, act quick to get yours!, visit the Tickets / store section of the website for more info on where to get them (now available in Montréal and Toronto stores).

- Kinetik Festival 5.5 compilation CD :

The 2013 edition of the Kinetik Festival is now out, visit Storming the base website for more info and to see the full tracks listing (cd will be available at the Storming the base table during the festival).


- Kinetik side-event :

in additions of the vendors present at Kinetik, we are pleased to announce that our friends at Plastik Wrap have prepared a side event, Bazaar of the Bizarre, don't miss this event, the place to go for shopping during the day :)


- Medias accreditation form :

any medias interested into covering the 2013 edition of the Kinetik festival must use this resquest form [doc format] [PDF format]


We are sad to announce that Iszoloscope will not be able to be part of the 2013 edition of the Kinetik Festival. With this cancellation, we now have a new spot to field, so we are pleased to announce this new addition to the 5.5 edition:


Tickets and week end pass for the Kinetik Festival are now available via the Kinetik Online Store!

:: Kinetik Festival 5.5 Online Store ::


Tickets for the 2013 edition of the Kinetik Festival will be available tomorow night via the online store of the festival.


Announcement regarding the venue selected to receive Kinetik Festival 2013.

It is with pleasure that we announce the place we have chosen to receive the 2013 edition of the Kinetik Festival 5.5.

As previously announced, the future of Kinetik in 2013 was more uncertain, and it is with enthusiasm that we present an edition a "more modest version" than in recent years. This edition will still be up to the standards of the festival, but distinct in this sense that we must deal with limited costs.

To ease the production of this event, it was decided to move the festival to a smaller setting. It is very well located and offers a variety of beverages for every budget, and will allow us to offer you a more affordable evening pricing. We have listened to you, and this is also in response to your comments that you will see the price of beers below $5.

On the capacity of the room: Please do not worry: With flexibility and safety in mind, it is crucial that our venue caters to the right size of audience. If demand exceeds the pre-sale of 550 people for the selected venue, we can relocate one or more nights, if necessary, to a larger establishment. We will adjust accordingly based on ticket sales for each evening.

Here is the room selected to receive the Kinetik Festival 2013:

belmont logo

4483 St-Laurent, corner Mont-Royal [web site]


Here's the official web flyer for the 2013 ''mini'' edition of the Kinetik Festival

Kinetik Festival 5.5 // May 23-26 2013 - Montreal, Canada


And finally, here's the last bands addition for the Kinetik Festival 5.5:


More bands added to the 2013 line up:


Here's todays bands update:


Here's the second bands announcement for the Kinetik Festival 5.5 :)


we are pleased to announce the first bands for the 2013 edition of the Kinetik Festival:



Since we have not yet written comments following the official edition of Kinetik 2012, it is important that we take a moment to publicly thank all those who have made this year's event possible.

Thanks you to all the groups who participated in the 2012 edition, and who came from all over the world to make us all dance to that which moves us. Thank you to all the Kinetik technical staff, and the Metropolis, who, once again, made this dream possible. Thank you to the sponsors, the local team, DJ's, drivers, door staff, and volunteers who made this year another success! But most importantly, all the supporters, fans, and visitors, who, by their presence, even with economic and political uncertainty, have demonstrated their passion, enthusiasm, and spirit, and prove once again the vitality of the Electro-Industrial music in North America: Thank you all!!

Regarding the future of the Kinetik festival:

Over five years ago, the idea was born in the cold Montreal of the most extravagant festival. However, this vision has become an insane reality, and it is with pride and happiness, that we have had the opportunity to witness in concert the most active groups. Diverse hordes of fans from many genres, have rallied from a multitude of countries, led only by their passion for Electro-Industrial music.

From grumpy neighbors who did not like our music, to an outbreak of SARS, the eruption of the Eyjafjöll, to crazy taxi drivers, to the recent manifestations of unhinged student protests, it seems thateverything was in place to constantly thwart our festival. But nothing has managed to compromise the existence of Kinetik. Over the years, we have created a special friendship with many people, and we welcomed some of the nicest artists. Certainly, there has been some animosity, some inconveniences to our work, but it is nothing compared to the joys procured by the many friendships that are created during the festival. Some, after initially meeting at Kinetik, have even become engaged! It is this force, this energy, that constantly pushes us to continue what was initially a hobby, into real work.

In retrospect, we do not regret anything about these wonderful years. Admittedly, we have had financial losses, but most importantly, we have created a large and beautiful family. Thank you all who have attended these events.

Kinetik 6.0 vs. 5.5 :

Regarding the issue of Kinetik 6.0, after carefully observing our successes and our opportunities, we have decided not to do the 6.0 edition in 2013. But do not worry, this does not mean the end of the Kinetik Festival! Kinetik will be there, with a ''mini'' edition, from May 23 to 26 2013 as Kinetik Festival 5.5

As we grow from year to year, it has become increasingly difficult to produce this festival, while remaining financially viable, and this is as much for the production team, as is for the visitors. It is through many changes, and in all of our best interests, that we have made this difficult decision. More than ever, we want to attract the attention of festival goers, so that they want to continue attending these new shows, and be reunited with the Kinetik family.

So, to ensure the survival of this crazy project, we have decided to take a step back in 2013 from the ''normal'' Kinetik. Several surveys will be available shortly, and it is with your help and your respectful, constructive, comments, we will refine our approach. Kinetik is, above all, your festival! We hope you will take the time to write and respond to our surveys. We look forward to your comments and innovative ideas.

Once again, you have our gratitude and our heartfelt thanks, and we will
see you soon!


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