Why Is Matcha Green Tea So Calming?

When you think about it on the surface, you would assume that you would be incredibly hyper after drinking matcha green tea. It is said to have around three times more caffeine compared to a typical brewed up of tea. And that is when you compare it to teas like black tea, which already have a lot of caffeine! It is certainly much more caffeine than typical green tea. But why do most people talk about feeling calm after drinking matcha?

How Matcha is Prepared

The first thing that we have to understand about matcha is how it is prepared. Matcha green tea is made using similar leaves to other green teas. But then it takes a different turn, in terms of the preparation process.

With matcha, the process involves taking the plant and putting it in shade for around three weeks before it is harvested. The idea is that you are getting different nutrients to emerge, while it will have a sweeter taste. Then it is picked, steamed and air dried so the leaves are completely dry.

After the leaves are dried, it is crushed into a powder. And that is how you have matcha green tea powder that you can buy from anywhere! The unique aspect to matcha is that you are actually dissolving the entire leaf in water and then drinking it. The process is not the same as other tea.

With regular tea, you are just dunking the leaves in hot water for a while. Yes, the leaves impart their flavor and aroma and chemicals into the water. But with matcha, it is all amplified. And it is the reason why you are getting more antioxidants and other positive chemicals in your body through matcha.

But why the calm feeling?

Matcha, Caffeine and L-Theanine

There are two chemicals that we must talk about when we discuss the calming impact of matcha green tea. Caffeine and l-theanine are both found in this tea, which is what makes it unique from coffee and other beverages that have caffeine.

We already know that caffeine is something that wakes you up and keeps you alert. It is why most people are not going to sleep within a couple hours of having some coffee or black tea. They will be wide awake!

And caffeine typically makes you nervous, intense and jittery if you have too much. It is what most people feel when they have way too much espresso or a very strong cold brew coffee.

But the l-theanine that is present in matcha ensures that you are not getting the same feeling. L-theanine is known for promoting a calm and relaxing feeling. On its own, you may even say that it is something that you would take if you are about to go to bed.

But when you combine the two together, you are getting the best of both worlds. You are still getting the sharpness and alertness that you get from caffeine, but you are also getting the calmness of l-theanine.

It is the reason why most of the people who have matcha will tell you they felt calm and relaxed. It is why matcha is even used for meditation in many parts of Asia. You get some type of focus because of the caffeine, but you are in a very calm state. It is perfect for someone who wants all the benefits of caffeine, but does not want to feel the bad side effects.

Aside from the calmness that it produces, https://blog.piquetea.com/matcha-green-tea/ is also very good for the body. The antioxidants, catechins and other chemicals ensure that you are boosting your ability to fight infections and diseases, while having more energy throughout the day.