Why You Should Choose Double Vanity Units For Your Bathroom

As the craze for designer en-suites gathers apace, there has been another bathroom phenomenon also making its presence felt at Bathrooms And More Store.

A previous unknown domestic fixture, the double vanity unit was once the preserve of the hotel suite. And for some the trend may seem baffling. After all, why would you want to have twin basins in your family bathroom? What could be the possible advantage of having two sinks and double cupboard space?

Well, as anyone who has ever had their toothbrush “borrowed” by a family member will know, it’s privacy.

Having somewhere to store one’s own toiletries is a sanctity that cannot have a price put on it!

Simply having a shelf to hold only your belongings can be worth its weight in gold. To know that no-one else will move, or push it out of the way, is paramount to the smooth running of a relationship – or family dynamic.

We all know those stressful mornings, when your favourite conditioner has mysteriously evaporated, or when your £100 moisturiser has suddenly vanished.

So what if you had your own – lockable – space, contained within your shared bathroom?

Yes, an en-suite would be nice. But, the fact is, many British homes are just too small to accommodate this. And as much as you may want it, you are sadly going to have to shelve plans for a hot tub in your ex council flat!

But just because your home won’t stretch to an en-suite or separate bathrooms, doesn’t mean to say that you can’t take a creative approach to your space management.

Enter the double vanity units. This sophisticated design allows for two hand basins, with adjoining storage space, both top and bottom. And it has ample mirroring for all your needs.

Ideal for couples sharing a fraught space, the Jack and Jill bathroom gives both parties equal shares and equal rights, in the hotly contested battle for the morning wash!

And depending on the size of your room, you might be able to fit more than one storage unit in, to help accommodate your family further.

By giving every member of the household a space to ‘hang out’, no-one has to feel as if they are being pushed out of the communal bathroom.

When two people cohabit for the first time, it can be a difficult period of adjustment and nowhere is this felt more keenly than in the bathroom. To put it simply, people’s taste differs. Sometimes wildly!

With a Jack and Jill bathroom, you have the chance for both personalities to shine. Although identical in design, the units can be customised to the individual needs of each person.

This doesn’t have to be the his ‘n’ hers style of corny matching bathrobes, depicted in seventies sitcoms – although you can do that if you wish! The Jack and Jill bathroom is an elegant, sleek piece of interior design, which maximizes all the available space and opens it up for your needs.

Depending on the layout to your home, a Jack and Jill bathroom may come with two doors to it – from the adjoining bedrooms. Obviously, this would not be possible for all homes, but where the option exists, it gives the convenience of an en-suite to a room which would otherwise lack its own bathroom facility.

Whichever way you work it, life is better with a double vanity unit in it. And this simple addition could revolutionise your mornings and cut down on family arguments. And no-one will ever use your toothbrush again. Now surely that has got to be something worth considering.